1. Introduction

The Home of Charity was officially opened on Nov. 15th 2009. There are currently 27 children under our care, 24 of which remain as residents during the school year with the remaining 3 children travelling locally to the center every day. The Home of Charity is a care center focusing on creating opportunities for children to learn personal independence, and assisting children that require physical and cognitive stimulation. This is a learning center and through praise and encouragement we work hard to teach the children life and academic skills in the hope that they will be able to care for themselves and fulfill their potential.

Most of the residents at the Home of Charity are Hill Tribe children from Northern Thailand. Most of them are Ahka and some are Karen and Thai. Many children came from poor and broken families.
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2. Personnel

The Home of Charity offers assistance for special needs children that primarily have developmental delays.  Most of the children have trouble ambulating, so we need sufficient staff members in order to support these children throughout the day.

There are thirteen full-time staff members working directly with the special needs children and taking part in their everyday care, educational programs and personalized exercise programs.

Anne and Glenn Harty, Scarboro lay missioners from Canada, were both instrumental in establishing and developing the center over the three years they volunteered with us. They were very enthusiastic and worked hard to provide a living and learning environment for the children.

Anne volunteered with many aspects of the center. She was in charge of the physical therapy for the children, guiding the application of exercises best suited for each child’s specific needs, planning the schedule, and assisting management etc.  We do appreciate and are grateful for what she has done for our center.

Glenn also kept very busy designing and building exercises and mobility devices for the children. Glenn also oversaw designing and construction of building projects at the center. We are grateful for his talents and time that he put into each project.

The Home of Charity is very appreciative of all of those who have volunteered their time and skills and continues to look for individuals in the following fields: physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.
3. Skills Development

Besides physical therapy to develop the children's physical ability, we also provide a well-rounded program to stimulate and educate the children.  Since our center has not yet been fully registered as a school and we have had no official curriculum, so far, we have been following our own basic timetable schedule.  Our care providers take part in teaching each program and share their knowledge with our children. We find that all of our children are happy and enjoy following this schedule. The children partake in a number of activities all of which are designed to challenge the children to think and play constructively using cognitive and physical skills.  Also, having the addition of an aquatic therapy pool, swimming is interesting and new exercise for them.  They like it very much; we also enjoy seeing them happy.

Five of our children attend local schools.  These students receive physiotherapy once a week on Saturday. They also have a computer class as well as swimming on alternative days.

4. Health


The needs of the children are varied, with many of the children‘s medical difficulties originating during birth due to inadequate pre or postnatal care and complications during home births. Some children are afflicted from illnesses that occur in their early months and years. We focus a great deal of effort on the health of the children, ensuring that they are able to attend regular medical and dental checkups at local hospitals as well as specialists which may be further afield.

At the Home of Charity, each child has an individual exercise schedule focusing on their physical requirements, with some of the children receiving one hour treatments three times a week dependent on their needs. These personalized exercise schedules have proven to be a great asset to the child’s overall physical health. It is so rewarding for staff to observe that the many months of repetitive stimulation has indeed improved a child’s physical ability. The result of doing physical therapy and improvement in;


  • Maria and Jintana came to stay with us in 2009, their legs were very weak and they had never been able to walk before, now with physical therapy and their walking aides, their legs have become stronger and they can walk for long distances.
  •  Sakda and Jarunee who lacked proper nutrition and were weak when they first arrived at the center have now after following their exercise regimes become stronger and taller, their parents were happy to see their children doing so well.
5. Accommodation and transportation

          Our center has recently expanded. Everything is now much more convenient.  The center now consists of three buildings. The main building includes the office, a media/computer room, a dining room, two classrooms and two large bedrooms for the children. 

The second building is still quite new. Its first floor consists of the art room, a storage room, and a physical-therapy room. The second floor consists of two bedrooms for volunteers, two bedrooms for staff, and a shared living space.  We also have our own aquatic therapy pool which our children enjoy immensely.

The third building was completed in November of 2012 and consists of a library and sensory learning room, several smaller rooms for individual instruction, and the second level has two rooms for staff accommodation.

Brother Giovanni has given the Home of Charity a van. At present, we use this van for transporting the older students to Maekhaotom School, for marketing, and taking our children for outings or medical appointments.  Our children enjoy seeing new places and traveling outside of our centre.
6. Visitors and Volunteers


Since our opening November 15th 2009 many people have come to know our center.  Some came to know our center through our website and many, Thai and foreigners, have come to visit.

We are happy to have visitors and so proud to show them this facility. The children are delighted to speak to newcomers. This is a great opportunity for the children to meet and interact with new people from around the world.

Conclusion and overview


This year has been a wonderful, busy year. It has been a challenge attending to all of the center’s needs, but our time and commitment has been rewarded.

 The Home of Charity is ready to meet the challenges in the coming year. We do this with love and commitment that God is our guide, praying that we all have the wisdom and insight required to meet the needs of our special needs children, to be ready in prayer and gratitude for each day that we are together, and with hope and confidence we look toward the future.

Reflecting our past year we are assured that we are caring for our children to the best of our ability, but also note the areas that continue to need attention in the coming year.

1.  We do see and understand the needs of our children that they require good health regular practical and spiritual nourishment and support to meet the physical and psychological needs of the children. We do this by giving   moral instruction, teaching catechism once a week and exercise inclusion of Manivet movements. 
2.  Knowing that we need to be advocates for our children, keeping them visible in the community is difficult and we are limited to our experiences outside the centre without suitable and convenient transportation. We do have a vehicle but we are not able to transport our children easily.
3.  Our children’s days are filled with activity, upon review we assess that we do require making adjustments to our schedule to accommodate an increase in classroom time.  Since our centre is already registered to have a school, we need a teacher to manage the educational programs, a new larger classroom is a must because the classroom which we now have is too small, an accredited school which assist us in curriculum guidance and testing.  We do need volunteers to improve our children experiences and education.
4.  Dental care will be a focus for this coming year because many children are experiencing dental problem, so, we would like to have all of our children receive dental care and have a check up once a year.  Four of our children were taken to the dentist this year.
5.  Purchasing bracing and walking aids for the children requiring them. This year five of our children have received braces, eight children have received wheelchair which were donated by RICD wheelchair Project. We do appreciate this and we are grateful to Luk and his team for all the trouble and sacrifices that they have taken for the sake and the good of our children.




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