Helping and supporting the Sriwichian community

Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai is situated in the Sriwichien village area. Sriwichien village has just over 100 families. The villagers are Akha, Shan and Thilue hill tribe.  In 1973 there were many cases of Leprosy in the village. Those who had been expelled from their communities in Laos and Southern Thailand had found a home in Sriwichien Village. The Fathers and Sisters of the Maria Bambina Order came to their aid providing medical care and helping those afflicted. In 1976 the order requested assistance from Saint Camillus Foundation of Thailand.

Saint Camillus Foundation of Thailand, through Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai, has continued to support this community. In 1992 Camillus established a house for hill tribe students expanding its focus to include the children of Sriwichien and surrounding villages. There are only a few cases of Leprosy remaining in Sriwichien and Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai continues to assist them. Camillain has continued to grow and expand its assistance to many aspects of this and other hill tribe communities.


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Sang Christmas songs to Sriwichian villagers' houses
Visited leprosy patients
Special ceremony for new church construction fund raising