The Health Check Program - Providing remote villages with the opportunity for better health

Many Hill-Tribe people have little or no access to badly needed medical care. This is a result of  a variety of factors including a lack of citizenship, the difficulty of reaching medical centers from their villages, lack of education, and poverty. In response to this need  Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai, Camillian Hospital, San Camillo Banpong and Pistorio Foundation work in partnership to serve teachers, students and villagers of the following villages: Baan Sriwichien, children staying at Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai, special needs children at the Home of Charity, villagers at Baan Barah, Baan Pakia, Baan Makhampom, Baan Phanaseri, Baan Huay Nam Khun, Baan Doi Gnam, Baan Mhai Pattana, Baan Doi Chang, Baan Phadaeng and many more. By working together we are able to provide healthcare and mobile clinics which provide health checkups, treatments and medical care to those who really need it.
This project is supported with the kind cooperation from doctors, nurses, volunteers and villagers.
More albums about mobile clinic are available at the below links:

Health Mobile Checkup Service to Hill tribe villages 2012
Healthcare checkup at Ban Mhaipattana 2011
Healthcare checkup at Camillian chiangrai 2011