Chiang Rai On the way to school

The Pistorio Foundation is dedicated to improving the living conditions of underprivileged children in developing countries, with a focus on education and primary health care. In addition to providing long-term scholarships and primary health care, the Foundation builds and improves school infrastructures. As per our village model, once the children of a given village are given access to education and primary health care, we address issues of women empowerment and community development through adult education, training in agriculture, and sustainable solutions to increase their income earning capabilities.

hilltribe studentsIn its first five years of operation, the Pistorio Foundation has achieved sustained growth. To date we support the long-term education and health of 1668 children across the five regions – Burkina Faso, Morocco, Tibet (China), Thailand and Cambodia.

The Foundation operates through a network of volunteers in close partnership with selected NGOs. We currently operate with no overhead costs: 100% of all donations and resources go directly to projects on location to benefit the children we support.

The Pistorio Foundation has no political or religious affiliation.