What we do
Camillian Social Center Chiangrai (CSCC) is a non-profit, Catholic organization that works to ensure that opportunities for education are available for all regardless of wealth, nationality and religion. We provide support in a variety of ways from providing children with clothes and shelter to working directly with communities to improve infrastructure and facilities. We believe in preserving the cultures, traditions and beliefs of the marginalized communities we work with and embrace our differences. Our vision is for the communities we currently serve to grow and develop in such a way as to become self-sufficient and able to provide education and opportunities for all who live in the region.
We also work hard to improve the quality of life for children with special needs, whether these are physical disabilities or learning difficulties. We believe that these children should be afforded the same opportunities as others and endeavor to ensure that their needs are met and that we are inclusive.
Our Center has and continues to serve and help a number of different communities in the region collaborating with a variety of organizations through the following projects:
Home of Charity - On-site free care, rehabilitation and education for children with physical and learning difficulties, more about this project click here
Home for Disadvantaged Children - accommodation and transportation for disadvantaged hill-tribe children allowing them access to educational opportunities. For more information click here
Formation House - Supporting boys who study our Order at Camillian Formation House. For more information about this project t  click here
Higher education scholarships -  Supporting the center’s older hill tribe children into higher education, more about this project click here
Collaboration with the Pistorio Foundation - Helping underprivileged children across Chiang Rai access education, more about this project click here
The health check program - Providing remote villages with the opportunity for better health, more about this project  click here
Helping and supporting the Sriwichian community - Caring, supporting and developing our local hill tribe community, more about this project click here
Health care assistance to Laotians - Giving basic social care and health care support to the people of Laos, more about this project click here