Volunteer House Information
1. Volunteers will have to clean their own bedding, towels, etc. Please note that a clean spare set of bed sheets, pillowslip and towel are provided in your cupboard.
2. Rooms contain two beds with a private bathroom and hot water.
3. A TV and DVD player are available for volunteers to use during their free time.
4. A washing machine is available for use by volunteers with free laundry soap and softener.
5. Smoking is permitted outside only.  A sand container is available outside the entry door. Please do not smoke around the children.
6. Volunteers are allowed to use the swimming pool and lighting is provided for night swims. No glass containers or food in this area please.
7. Basic bicycles are available for your use. Two bike helmets are in the guest building entry way.
8. The occasional alcoholic beverages are permitted. Volunteers must be discrete about bringing beverages into the building, and must be consumed in the volunteer living space. Please wash out all containers after use and put in cabinet under the sink. Empty containers will be removed by the housekeeper.
9. Please remember that it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself when using the suite kitchen. Put away all items used and all surfaces must be wiped down each time the kitchen is used.
10. Please note that the main kitchen is closed most days after 1:00pm, and after 7:30 pm. Inform kitchen staff if you will not be at the centre for meals. When a meal is held for you and after you have finished eating please show your appreciation by cleaning all dishes and cutlery, and wipe all counters after use.
11. All travel out of the centre for personal matters can be arranged through Sister Cecilia - she will arrange transport to the nearest bus stop on the main street. 
12. Please return the key before leaving our center.