Our vision

Our vision is that one day, all disadvantaged children and the hill tribe communities we serve will have free access to social care, health care and education, regardless of wealth, nationality and religion. Here at the Camillian Social Center Chiangrai, our aim is to ensure that all hill tribe children throughout North Thailand – whether poor, orphaned or living with physical or learning difficulties – and their communities are given the opportunity to build a better life.
Our objectives

  • To help poor and orphaned hill tribe children gain access to social care, health care and education
  • To provide education, physical care and rehabilitation for hill tribe children living with learning or physical difficulties
  • To guide all people in how to become a positive member of society and live a moral, ethical and spiritual life
  • To encourage the communities we support to work together, share knowledge and help others

Our strategy

We are currently working to our three year plan (2010 – 2013). Our strategy is to focus on developing and promoting our organization, facilities and staff ability to ensure the children and communities we support receive a better quality of life and care through our Order mission.
Our projects

Having assessed where we can help over the years, we now have a total of eight projects we manage that support our aim:
  1. Home for Disadvantaged ChildrenHelping and supporting vulnerable hill tribe children in North Thailand
  2. Higher education scholarshipsSupporting the center’s older hill tribe children into higher education
  3. Home of CharityOn-site care, rehabilitation and education for children with physical and learning difficulties
  4. Collaboration with the Pistorio FoundationHelping underprivileged children across Chiang Rai access education
  5. Helping and supporting the Sriwichian communityCaring, supporting and developing our local hill tribe community
  6. The health check programProviding remote villages with the opportunity for better health              
  7. Health care assistance to Laotians Giving basic social care and health care support to the people of Laos
  8. Camillian Formation House ChiangraiSupporting boys who study our Order at Camillian Formation House